EffiSolar’s executive team has extensive backgrounds in developing and financing renewable energy projects and a thorough knowledge of solar and wind manufacturing with over 38 years of experience in engineering, evaluating and procuring components, constructing, operating and maintaining solar and wind projects.

William Xu
Chief Executive Officer
Over 29 years of experience in IT and renewable energy industries. Pioneering innovator for renewable energy and one of the first developers of first solar farms in Canada.

Dr. Lawrence Neuman
President, EffiSolar Israel
Over 25 years of experience in renewable energy including solar and wind. He has successfully developed and financed over 135 MW of both rooftop and utility-scale solar PV projects from green field to construction while dealing with regulatory, environmental, and economic challenges at the local, state and national levels.

Refael Ben Shabat
Director of Development, EffiSolar Israel
Highly experienced in development of construction and engineering projects in various fields. Abie to Identify new opportunities and create and organizing competitive solutions by meeting regulatory requirements. Demonstrated success in achieving development objectives from the initial stage to the implementation and operations. Created and implemented innovative solutions and managing expert teams to meet deadlines and specifications.

Ronnie Tan
VP, Development, EffiSolar Canada

Derrick Liu
Chief Financial Officer